Computer & Video FX

Computers and Video screens are now a natural part of our everyday lives. Offices, trading rooms, control rooms of all sorts look bare and unrealistic without the expected banks of monitor screens.

Surveillance monitors and TV sets can be a vital storytelling technique in a world accustomed to obtaining information through such devices. No production set in the recent past, the present or, certainly, the future can ignore the importance of Video and Computer playback.

BBVC can supply a comprehensive service for 24, 25 and 30fpsVideo and Computer Playback from the origination of Video material and Graphics elements, through the preparation of the material to the playback itself - including the design and build of custom display screens.

One of BBVC's projects was Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine'. Set almost exclusively onboard a space vehicle on its way to the Sun, the set design called for 120 monitors displaying a mixture of Interactive Graphics, live CCTV and prerecorded CCTV elements. A selection of high resolution PC playback computers and networked hard disk Mpeg2 players - 51 playback sources in all - was used to supply the images. Using LCD monitors throughout, there was no need to sync the camera to the monitors which allowed high or low speed shooting for effect.