Systems Design & Build

  1. With 40 year's experience of operating and supplying Video Assist equipment to productions ranging from flying Superman across the skies of Metropolis to fighting dragons with Harry Potter, BBVC is using that experience and expertise to design and build custom systems to bring the best that modern technology has to offer to the field of Video Assist.

  2. From lightweight, rugged, twin camera rigs to fully featured digital multi-camera set-ups, BBVC has designed and built systems for clients in New Zealand, Czech Republic and the UK as well as BBVC's own comprehensive Video Assist and VFX Assist packages.

  3. Past Clients:

  4. CE Video Assist Rentals, Czech Republic : 3x Cinelogic Digital Assist Systems

  5. CWA Associates, UK : Cinelogic Digital Assist System

  6. Three Foot Six Ltd (Lord of the Rings), New Zealand : Complete Digital Video Assist packages for Main, 2nd and Model Units including VFX Mix & Overlay and Crew Training.

  7. Jim Henson Organisation, UK
    Puppeteer's Monitor systems for 'Mopatop's Shop' and 'The Hoobs' including wireless feeds to VR monitor headsets with integrated 'Autocue' information

  8. DDDCo Ltd, UK: “Hagrid’s Laptop” Director’s Portable Viewing System for “Harry Potter” 6, 7 & 8

  9. Seventh Kingdom Productions, UK : Portable 8 Camera HD Qtake Digital Video Assist Rig